Vitamin D and High Blood Pressure

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugWhen I wrote my vitamin D book 4 years ago, I said more detailed studies would be forthcoming showing the relationship of vitamin D deficiency to many health conditions.  One of these was hypertension. I also predicted that these future studies which show a cause-and-effect relationship between low vitamin D and these diseases.

Now a new study from from University College London, after looking at more than 150,000 individuals internationally, has confirmed a CAUSAL association between low levels of vitamin D and hypertension.

With every 10% increase in serum vitamin D concentrations, there was a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

Please note that this study is not proving that low vitamin D is an exclusive cause of hypertension! Rather as Dominic Sica, M.D. of Virginia Commonwealth University said in an interview “What creates hypertension in a person is never something as simple as a low vitamin D level. It’s in the context of body weight, salt and water retention, sodium intake, potassium intake, things of a similar ilk but this is one area now that we have more assuredness that there is a relationship.” He of course was referring to the relationship of vitamin D as a cause for  hypertension.

If you have friends or family who are being treated for hypertension by a cardiologist or primary doctor, please urge them to get a vitamin D blood test and normalize it.

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