Vitamin D Now Found to Improve Immunity

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Speaking of vitamin D and epigenetics, a new study has discovered that Australia is in the grip of a hidden vitamin D epidemic. My colleague and friend Dr. Michael Holick will be giving a conference in Sydney Australia next week to discuss this.

However Dr. Holick gave another exciting  bit of information from his recent research that he will be presenting. He said “For the first time, this study shows direct evidence that improving vitamin D levels plays a large role in improving immunity and lowering the risk for many diseases.”

Again a very broad gene expression analysis found that 290genes were altered simply by increasing vitamin D levels. He stated that “These291 genes are related to 80 biological pathways linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cardiovascular disease”

He further went on to say “This study shows that vitamin Dis more than the bone health vitamin.”

We have always known this from the epidemiologic studies but now it is being proven on the Gene level.

This is so exciting to me and I am delighted to be able to share this  with you in my newsletter.

Of note to my patients, I still cannot get the oncologists that I work with to test or give vitamin D to their cancer patients. In addition, I still cannot get the obstetricians I work with to measure or give vitamin D to their patients during pregnancy. I hope these doctors are reading this newsletter!


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