Vitamin D Protects Children from Ear Infections

When my book on vitamin D came out several years ago, I noted in the book, in my interviews and in my blog posts, that more and more research on vitamin D would occur in the years ahead, which which show its benefits for many health conditions.

Now these studies, most of which are double-blind, crossover, and placebo-controlled, are coming out showing the great benefits of normalizing our vitamin D levels.

I am delighted to see a published study showing that children with low levels of vitamin D and recurrent ear infections had a reduced risk for further ear infections with vitamin D supplementation.

This is especially important because the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines have just come out saying that all children under age 2 with an ear infection must be treated with antibiotics.

This new study was randomized and placebo-controlled. The children who received 1000 IU of vitamin D daily had a significantly lower risk of experiencing one or more episodes of acute ear infections. In addition the risk of uncomplicated ear infections was markedly smaller in the vitamin D group.

Suzanna Esposito, one lead authors, stated “In clinical practice, this means that in children with recurrent otitis media,(ear infection) we can check the levels of vitamin D and for those with low serum levels of it consider supplement use as treatment for their condition.”

The 1000 IU dose of vitamin D is the dose that I’ve recommended to my patients and readers to give their children who are over age one. for many years.

The publishing of this article is very exciting to me For now we will have a specific reason for more and more young children to be given a proper dose of vitamin D

Remember there are many additional benefits of vitamin D beyond just preventing ear infections. Studies have shown that it also helps protect against influenza.

Imagine what would happen if these children and their parents were given enough vitamin D to bring them not just into the normal range but into the “optimal range” that most vitamin D physicians, including myself recommend. This blood level is 40 to 70 ng/mL

Please give your children vitamin D! If your friends have children who are getting recurrent ear infections, they should have their children’s vitamin D level checked and corrected if it is low.

HERE IS the original article as well.

Take your vitamin D!

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