Vitamin D Revolution DVD Released

Happy holidays to all of you, and may the year ahead be the healthiest and happiest year of your life! In this newsletter I have some amazing and exciting information!

What have I been doing?

Vitamin D Revolution DVDIt has been many months since my last newsletter mostly because I have been focusing on my vitamin D project. As most of you know my book The Vitamin D Revolution has been available for about eight months now. In addition the at-home vitamin D test kits and my pharmaceutical quality vitamin D capsules are also now available.

I am happy to announce thatI have just released a DVD of my book! In this DVD I give a slide show lecture about vitamin D. The DVD is a little over an hour and it lets the viewer learn the salient points that I make in my book about vitamin D in a short time. In this new age of computers and digital media, I have come to realize a lot of people, especially young people, do not read books! They like to watch them or listen to them! It was for this reason that I prepared this DVD. The DVD is available for purchase here, and we will have it at special holiday prices for sale in my office until the end of the year.

I have been during many radio interviews and giving live lectures about vitamin D. Any suggestions or recommendations from you, my patients and friends, to help promote my vitamin D project would be most appreciated.

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