What is Your Biggest Insecurity? And How to Replace it with “Confidence that Shines”

insecurityHow would you describe your body type? Tall, gangly, petite, medium-boned, muscular, square and rugged, pear-shaped, willowy, broad shoulders, curved hips, long thin limbs, rectangular-shaped, soft and round are just a few of the many ways to describe the vast range of physical attributes a person can have.
Body image continues to be a constant struggle for both men and women and countless diet attempts, a lifelong of insecurities, perfectionism, cosmetic surgeries and male body image disorders are emerging as evidence of how serious it’s become.

A body-image survey in Glamour magazine of 16,000 women revealed that over 40 percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies! Unhappiness with body types hasn’t improved much over the past 25 years when the very first Glamour study was released.

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