Why Happiness is Your Most Important Health Tool: What the Studies Say

positive psychology

What can happiness do for you?

The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania has uncovered some intriguing facts about happiness. For instance, people who are happy:

  • Do better at work, school and sports
  • Are less depressed
  • Have fewer physical health problems
  • Have better relationships

Optimism has even been verified as a successful strategy to prevent mental and physical illness. Scientists believe a large reason why being happy is so healthy has to do with stress.

“Of course, optimists get stressed,” says David Snowdon, a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky in a Prevention article. “But they automatically turn the response off much more quickly and return to a positive mental and physical state.”

So beneficial is this ability that those who are optimistic in middle age can expect to add at least 7.5 years to their life — even after adjusting for age, gender, physical health and socioeconomic status — according to a survey by Yale University.

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