Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Re-Set Your Resolutions NOW For Success

How many times have you vowed to lose 20 pounds starting with the New Year or said that this was the year you were going to cut back on your drinking or quit smoking once and for all?

After celebrating on New Year’s Eve and using it as the last hurrah to overindulge, most people set out on a stringent quest of resolutions beginning the very next day. Then around the end of January, many fail to live up to their stated resolutions, give up and go back to their former lifestyle.

One survey listed the top three resolution categories in order of popularity:

  • 37% – Start exercising
  • 13% – Eat better
  • 7% – Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption or quit smoking

The researchers found that people who looked at self-control as a form of willpower had the tendency to make more than one resolution and those who perceived themselves as having poor self-control gave up sooner in trying to meet their goals or folded quickly in keeping their New Year’s resolutions.

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