William Davis, M.D. Talks On Wheat Belly

William Davis

Another speaker at the event was William Davis, M.D, pictured above lecturing at the conference. Of course his book entitled Wheat Belly has caught everybody’s attention.

Dr. Davis went through the history of wheat, grains and grasses. He showed us biochemically how gluten can cause problems for people with their health.

However Dr. Davis has now extended his recommendations to ALL Grains! He does not even recommend rice, oats, quinoa etc. He basically recommends what is called a Paleolithic diet. He recommends that people eat organ meats such as liver, brain, and kidneys and no grains whatsoever to maintain good health.

Of course, even though I respect the work he has done in promoting the awareness of gluten as a health problem, I do not all agree with his recommendations for the Paleolithic diet.

I now recommend to my gluten sensitive patients a new book which you can find HERE on Amazon. This book focuses on Gluten and why and how it has become such a problem for us to digest.

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