Male Hormone Levels Linked to Vitamin D

ResearchVitamin D sun 
testosteron sex male ers at the Medical University of Graz, Austria, have found a link between testosterone levels and Vitamin D levels.  The higher the Vitamin D, the higher the testosterone levels recorded.

It was also revealed that both fluctuate seasonally: in the winter months when sunlight is weaker and less Vitamin D is produced, less testosterone is present as well.

“Men who ensure their body is at least sufficiently supplied with Vitamin D are doing good for their testosterone level and their libido among other things,” said a Ad Brand, a spokesperson for the Sunlight Research Forum in the Netherlands in response to the study.


This is very interesting information and should be useful to primary care doctors and urologists. When a man's testosterone is found to be low, his vitamin D level should be checked. If the D level is low, the first line of treatment should be to normalize his D level and repeat the testosterone. This may make it so older men ( including all the baby-boomers) who would have needed testosterone will not need it as soon or at all.

The authors recommend that a prospective trial be run to evaluate the benefit that vitamin D replacement will have on testosterone levels.


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