Where do You Buy Your Vitamin D?

Listen to Dr Soram’s update on the latest Vitamin D quality study.


Dr Soram's vitamin D I have been saying it for a long time but now a study has proven it. A lot of the Vitamin D at the health food store has the potency that is on the label and lot of it does not! All the labels are pretty and I personally would have no way to decide which brand to buy at the store.

Now an amazing study has proven this. Dr C. Eckstein and colleagues have published an article entitled "Vitamin D content in commercially available oral supplements" that was done at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

They bought 10 different brands  of  vitamin D  at the health food store and online and measured their actual potency and of course compared it to what it was labeled.

The findings are astonishing.

The labeled dosages were from 400 IU to 10,000 IU. On average, the actual dose was 33.5% of what the label stated. The range of actual dosage in the bottle was from (shockingly ) 0.24% of what the label stated to 81.7% of the labeled dose. None of the products has the dose listed on the label.

This study was done by the Multiple Sclerosis Consortium because of the increasing recognition of the importance of Vitamin D in MS. As one of the authors stated " As the role of vitamin D in immune regulation in MS gains increasing focus, oral supplementation is growing."

It was because of this huge problem with most over the counter vitamin D products, that I decided to bring to market my own Vitamin D supplements. As a specialist in Internal Medicine I like to use pharmaceutical quality products for all my patients. The patients I see are sick  and need high quality doctor-quality nutrients to get well.

That is why I decided to partner with a major company that only makes products to be sold in physicians' offices. This is a whole other level of product manufacture and quality compared with a health food store product.

I have been delighted with the results of blood levels achieved with the Vitamin D products I sell on my website. I measure vitamin D levels on my patients with vitamin D associated conditions at least twice a year and keep their blood levels as well mine and my family above 40 ng/ml. I also am gratified by the testimonials I get from people using my vitamin D products.

Have you measured your blood levels after taking your brand of Vitamin D? How are your levels? And your family's? Let me know because I really am on a mission to get everybody's Vitamin D levels into normal or optimal range.


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  • Nmathiesen

    I cannot access the web page results… could you please tell me what the results for Nature Made were?

  • Great question! I think the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis doctors that did the research were not able to put the names of the brands in the article. I'm sure it was because their lawyers advised them that they would receive a lawsuit.

    That is why I made my own brand of vitamin D. As an internal medicine specialist I wanted to be sure that I would be providing all of my readers with an absolutely pharmaceutical quality vitamin D.