006-Ask Dr Soram-All About Homeopathy and Healing Our Body at its Core-Part 1


This podcast is all about Homeopathy as practiced by a master practitioner of this art, Gaya Bhola. (Pictured with me in the photo to the left).  Because it was almost an hour in length I have divided it into 2 podcasts and the second part will be posted next week.

I have known Gaya for well over 10 years. I referred her my patients and they have all been benefited by her ability to prescribe the optimal homeopathic remedy for the growth and health of the person.

Born and raised in India, Gaya migrated to the United States in 1984.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from India. Her diploma in homeopathic medicine is from The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London and Masters degree in homeopathy is from Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London. She also carries a Fellowship from the British Institute of Homeopathy, London. Her paternal grandfather and great grandfather were Doctors of Unani medicine (a fusion of Persian, Arabic and Indian Ayurveda). 

She is also keenly interested in Ayurvedic medicine which she studied with Dr. Vasant Lad and on her own for years. Gaya has been practicing Homeopathic Medicine in the Los Angeles area since 1996. Her soon to be released book, 'UNDERSTANDING HOMEOPATHY'  gives her in-depth understanding of the philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine and it's far – reaching healing potential.

Gaya is not currently taking new patients. You can email your questions to her at gaya909@gmail.com .

For newcomers to homeopathy, the use of a remedy to carry an energy frequency into the body to heal the body may seem unusual.

For beginners to homeopathy I refer you to my colleague Dana Ullman’s article entitled Why Homeopathy Makes Sense and Works.

I also refer you to his article about the work of Luc  Montagnier Ph.D. a Nobel laureate, and his new work on highly diluted DNA (homeopathically diluted) and the structural changes it produces in water as well as the electromagnetic waves that he says emanate from the highly  diluted DNA of various pathogens. Montagnier believes that this will have application to many chronic diseases that we see in society today.

I look forward to your comments about this interview which will be concluded in next week's podcast.


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