018-Ask Dr Soram—Interview with Dr Crinnion and what are Phthalates?


Walter Crinnion, N.D.I am delighted to bring you another interview with my colleague and friend Walter Crinnion, N.D. The subject for this podcast is phthalates.

Phthalates are plasticizers and they are used everywhere in our life. From plastic grocery bags to garden hoses to shower curtains to children's toys and food wrapping, we are all constantly being exposed to phthalates.

Phthalates are not like other environmental toxins. Most environmental toxins get in our body and are sequestered in our fat and do their mischief that way. Phthalates do not persist in our body and have a very short half-life of approximately one day. Therefore if you are able to avoid phthalates for just 5 days, levels of phthalates in your body will be markedly less.

In this interview we talk about how you can do that.

The link to the Environmental Working Group is here:

and their fabulous cosmetics database is here.

Phthalates are linked to many common medical conditions that we are seeing in our environment that appear to have no cause. This ranges from endometriosis, to uterine fibroids, to ADHD in children, to reduced fertility in men in our society, and all the way to breast cancer.

And yet, by just changing your environment with the products you use the foods you eat and cleaning up your house and personal care products your levels can significantly drop. In this interview you'll learn how women with the highest levels of phthalates in their body were four times more likely to get breast cancer. One would ask why the FDA does not regulate these products more closely. If there was a food that was causing a breast cancer rate increase of 400% certainly the FDA would become involved.

In addition, increasingly diabetes and obesity are being recognized as linked to our exposure to phthalates.

I look forward to your comments about this part one of the interview with Dr. Crinnion. Have you checked your personal care products? Do you have a doctor that can help you find out if you are overburdened with phthalates? Do you have friends or family that had been diagnosed with breast cancer who have had their phthalate levels checked? Please drop me a comment in the box below or send me an e-mail at questions@askdrsoram.com.

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