025- Part 2 of my interview with Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, M.D.


Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, M.D.This is part 2 of my interview of noted Ob-Gyn Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz.

We pick up in part 2 of the interview talking the nutrients she recommends during pregnancy. Brain development and Essential Fatty Acids during pregnancy and nursing are reviewed. 

Then we move on to talk about bio identical hormones for menopause. We review the herbs that are helpful for menopause. What is the definition of bio-identical?  Dr. Suzanne defines it. 

Is it risky for a menopausal woman to take bio identical hormones? This depends on several factors in the woman’s life and personal history. 

Dr Suzanne definitely recommends bio identical hormones for women that want to take hormones at menopause. She reviews the new data from the Women’s Health Initiative that women with low risk for breast cancer actually had a lower risk of breast cancer when they took the horse hormone brand Premarin. 

Furthermore I am happy to learn that a new study of hormone replacement in women who had breast cancer is also in progress, to help with symptoms including bone loss. 

Yam cream is NOT bio-identical hormones. The risk of soy derived hormones containing GMO’s is also a consideration. 

The typical menopausal woman may be having hot flashes, heart palpitations and not able to sleep. This can really affect a woman’s quality of life. 

Also sexual and vaginal health is also relevant in thinking about hormone replacement in women. Most menopausal women do need vaginal estrogen to keep their vaginal lining healthy.

I ask Dr Suzanne if she thinks estrogen causes breast cancer and she gives a great answer. 

Progestin vs Progesterone is discussed and Dr. Suzanne explains the difference. The estrogen/progesterone balance is very important for a menopausal woman’s (really all ages of women) health. 

How can we benefit by looking beyond our comfort  zones and beyond conventional medicine to create wellness and balance?  Dr. Suzanne gives great answers to this very important question. She reminds us “We are part of Nature”! 

To close, we talk about Dr Suzanne’s converting her 70 year old LA house to a “green” house with the help of a great architect she knew. She describes the materials they used to make this transformation. From paint to air filtration she describes what they did. 

Her parting advice, which I agree with, is to find a practitioner who you can partner with and start simple in improving your health and go step by step. 

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