The Top Four Causes of Accidental Death After Auto Accidents

prescription drugsEvery five minutes, someone in the United States is killed by an accident, according to new research from The National Safety Council (NSC). Overall, accidents are the fifth leading cause of death, behind only heart disease, cancer, stroke and chronic lower respiratory diseases.
Yet, for people between the ages of 1 and 41, accidental deaths are the leading cause of death in the nation, and they’re increasing at a greater rate than any of the other top causes of death.

In just one 10-year period, accidental deaths increased over 20 percent, to more than 113,000 deaths, NSC found. At this rate, the all-time record for accidental deaths, set in 1969 with 116,385, will be surpassed within a few years.

“Accidental death in America is a silent epidemic. With one person dying from an accident every five minutes, unintentional injury is one of the most serious public health issues facing the country,” said NSC President and CEO Alan McMillan.

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