I am closing my online Vitamin D Store

I am sad to announce to my patients and readers that I am closing my online Vitamin D store effective this week.

Due to my very busy practice of medicine, along with my very time-consuming teaching schedule at the UCLA School of Medicine, I have not had the time to attend my online store like I did when I first opened it seven years ago.

I have wanted to keep the online store open as long as I could because it is a guaranteed source for the exact amount of vitamin D that is listed on the label. As I have told you before in my writings, unreliable labeling with regard to potency is common. A recent study by the multiple sclerosis consortium of physicians found after purchasing 10 different brands of vitamin D, none of them had the amount on the label. In fact they averaged 34% of what was on the label.

I know that for this reason many of you have continued to buy vitamin D from me for many years. In addition, I have tried to keep the price of my vitamin D very reasonable.

I will still be providing my vitamin D3 for the patients in my own practice of medicine. However, regrettably I will not be able to fill any mail order requests for vitamin D that you might submit to my office, as I just don’t have the staff to manage it at this time.

Two points of good news in all this:

  1. You can buy high-quality vitamin D from my online vitamin store -Dr Soram’s Healthy Living Shop. You can find it by clicking here. You will need to register to become a customer, but registration is easy. You will be able to find good brands of vitamin D there. Specifically, you can find the 1000 IU and the 5000 IU potencies.
  2. The other bit of good news is that I am hopeful at a future time I will be able to open a bigger online store with more of my own labeled products for many different health conditions. My Vitamin D of course would be part of that store.

Again, thank you to all of you for being my customers for so long . I look forward to staying in touch with you through my newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr Soram

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