14 Things to do if You Feel Tired and Sore After Working Out

post-workout fatigue

You’ve pushed yourself to the limit — jogging, lifting, dancing or whatever it is you do to exercise — and have no sooner wiped the sweat from your brow when it hits you: sore muscles and fatigue … the variety that make you wonder, “Why am I doing this to myself?!”

What causes sore muscles and fatigue after a workout? Many things, but often it occurs because you’ve exerted yourself and your body needs time to adjust.

To be fair, muscles soreness often doesn’t occur for 12 to 36 hours after a workout. This type of soreness, called delayed-onset muscles soreness (DOMS), is more likely to happen when you’ve just intensified your workout or started a new activity. It’s caused either by a buildup of energy waste products in the muscles or microscopic tears in muscle fibers.

With DOMS, you may think you’re out of the woods, and then be hit with muscles soreness, stiffness, weakness and fatigue.

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