002-Ask Dr Soram -The Latest in Vitamin D–For Breast Cancer–MS–Lupus And More !


Ask Dr Soram PodcastIn this episode of Ask Dr Soram , I discuss new findings on the importance of Vitamin D and how many people are realizing it.

Vitamin D relieves  pain in breast  cancer patients on Estrogen blocker drugs. Read it here

and another article about  this HERE

Vitamin D helps Lupus
Article 1
Article 2

Dermatologists now finally are recommending vitamin D, decades after they told us to wear sunblock which blocks us from making vitamin D! They posted an article on their website

Increasing recognition of the importance of vitamin D for multiple sclerosis patients. This is discussed a lot in my book ,

Ryan McLaughlin, a teenager from Scotland launches a social network just to spread the importance of vitamin D and other therapies for  multiple sclerosis. He did this in honor of his mother who suffers from MS. Interview with him here

Here  is Ryan's website

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