013 Ask Dr Soram-Environmental Medicine and our Health-An Interview with Walter Crinnion, ND, Part 2


Clean, Green & LeanIn part 2 of my interview, Dr Crinnion and I talk about harder to get rid of environmental chemicals including solvents and pesticides.

Dr Crinnion gives some easy tips on reducing your body burden and  we talk about taking certain nutritional supplements to help with keeping the burden down. 

I am so pleased that Dr Crinnion has agreed to come back for more discussion of environmental medicine. I am hoping to have him as a regular guest on the show.

You can buy his book Clean, Green and Lean here.

Dr Crinnion’s website is here.

Please send questions that you may have for Dr. Crinnion to me at questions@askDrSoram.com. Or you can call my question line at 310-499-0275.

Was this interview helpful to you? Do you plan on making changes in your exposures to environmental chemicals? Will you be talking to your children about these exposures and how they can minimize exposures? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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