Which Air Filter Do I Recommend to my Patients?

Now that I have written articles that show that the particles in city smog affect young people by impairing fertility, and old people by impairing their memory, I hope you understand why it is so imperative to get a high quality air filter at least for your bedroom.

My patients and readers have asked me what air filters I recommend and I would like to now give you my two recommendations.

1.RabbitAir makes an excellent and aesthetically lovely air filter. It is very high-quality and does not take up a lot of room. In addition some of the models have a “silent” mode for those who have trouble sleeping with a low-level fan blowing in their bedroom.

By working with the people at rabbit air I have been able to set up an affiliate agreement that allows me to pass on a discount to my patients and readers.

If you go to their website (the only way to buy one) and buy an air purifier and use the code SK1259, they will give you $30 off the price of your purchase along with free shipping.

They have an excellent website with clear explanations, including videos, on how to set up and use their filters.

This is personally the filter I use in my home and my office and I am very happy with them.

Click Here to Go To Their Site


The other filter that I can recommend is the IQAir. This filter is more expensive than the RabbitAir and physically takes up much more space in your room. They have great demonstrations, that they show at conventions, using a particulate air meter, on just how fresh the air coming out of their filter is.

IQ air has a good website but it is not quite as user-friendly as the RabbitAir site.

I have also been able to arrange an affiliate agreement with IQ air. If you use the code IQ23608 on their Web site they will give you 5% off all of their filters.

Click Here to Visit their Website

The choice of which filter to buy,is really up to you. However, if you live in a big city with lots of smog, based on all the studies that I’ve shown you, I strongly encourage you to buy one of these for your house and for at least your bedroom. If you have children, certainly they should have one in their bedroom as well.

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