Mercury and Autism–Another Look

Over the past 20 years, the prevalence of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen dramatically. It is currently estimated that at least one in 88 children are diagnosed with ASD in the United States. I have seen estimates as high as one in 50 male children to now be diagnosed with ASD.

There’s been an ongoing debate whether mercury found as thimersol,a preservative, in children’s vaccinations has played a role in this epidemic or not.

The conventional medicine approach has been that there is no relationship of ASD with mercury, let alone thimerosal. However, an increasing body of evidence is showing that there IS a relationship between thimerosal and ASD.

Now, a brand-new article from the impressive Journal Translational Neurodegeneration, in a very impressively done study, shows a strong connection between mercury exposure in young children and their risk of autism.

In this study, they looked at a group of children who received the typical childhood vaccinations including DTaP, and hepatitis B. In one group, all the children had received their vaccinations containing thimerosal. In the other group the children had received the same vaccinations but in mercury free vaccines.

The findings were that there was over a twofold significantly increased risk for the incidence of ASD following thimerosal – containing DTaP vaccine compared to the thimerosal–free DTaP vaccine.

In phase II of the study they looked at children who had received hepatitis B vaccines containing thimerosal, in the first six months of life, and compared them with children with the same vaccination without mercury. It was again observed that children receiving the thimerosol hepatitis vaccines, were significantly more likely – twice as likely- to be diagnosed as autistic, than the control group who did not receive the mercury containing vaccinations. In this part of the study they looked at those children who received a total of 25 µg of mercury from the thimerosal containing hepatitis vaccine.

In the final part of the study children who received a higher dose of mercury- 37.5 µg of mercury- from thimerosal– containing hepatitis B vaccine, were three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism, than children who received the same vaccines without the mercury.

The authors of this article conclude that:
“Because those exposed to Thimerosal-containing vaccines have a statistically significant increased risk of being diagnosed with an ASD, and because administration of Thimerosal-containing vaccines examined in this study was administered between birth and 6 months of age, it is valid to suggest that a significant number of individuals examined in this study who were diagnosed with an ASD suffered neurodegeneration or a type of progressive encephalopathy for which the etiological pathogenic basis was exposure to organic-Hg from Thimerosal administered as a vaccine component”

Wow! What a powerful statement!

Many orthodox doctors argue that this mercury does not get into the brain.

In another study recently done this past August, further proof of the biologically plausible role of mercury exposure from thimerosal vaccines in the pathogenesis of ASD, was found.

[In yet another study][3,] researchers examined the distribution of mercury after an administration of thimerosal to animals. After administering thimerosal that mimicked the US vaccine schedule from the 1990s, to infant monkeys, researchers found significant levels of mercury present in the brain and they found that this did not decline 120 days after the last dose of thimerosal.

There are many other additional references in the main article, if you wish to refer to them.

I have two questions to ask the obstetricians and pediatricians that help parents birth and care for their children.

  1. When will they start paying attention to these studies, and stop giving thimerosal containing vaccines?
  2. The second question which is even more important in my opinion, is when will obstetricians begin to pay attention to their patients mercury levels before they conceive? We know from the Environmental Working Group study that all children are being born with significant amounts of mercury in their body. Given that there is no blood brain barrier in the womb or for the first six months of life, mothers are dumping their body burdens of Mercury into their fetus brain directly. When will this stop? Could this mercury from the mother be another contributor to the autism epidemic?

Autism Action Network Article

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  • Rhonda Spellman

    This is a thought provoking article, even if only to those of us directly affected by the narrow-minded, “focus on the profits” manufacturers of the often toxic vaccines.

    After we proved that my son had been mercury poisoned by vaccines in 2001, I learned shocking truths about vaccines. The most shocking was to discover that there is absolutely no valid proof that any vaccine has actually prevented or cured anything.

    For those who still believe that vaccines eliminated smallpox and/or polio… you need to do the real research and avoid the articles and “studies” written and performed by the manufacturers of the vaccines.

    The only people that can be held responsible for the damage to our children are the parents or care givers. The doctors and vaccine manufactures have us sign a form that absolves them any liability before the shots are given. We all owe it to our children to become more informed. I am more than happy to provide links to the real truth for anyone intrested.