My Lecture at UCLA

I was one of 5 speakers to a pre-med class of students at UCLA who are taking a course entitled "Introduction to Integrative East-West Medicine". The students came from all over the world to study.
My friend Ka-kit Hui, M.D., F.A.C.P is the Chairman of the Course and invited me to share with the students my perspective on integrative medicine as a primary care doctor in private practice.

The other speakers included my friend Myles Spar MD, MPH who is the director of the Venice Integrative Medicine Clinic, at the Venice Family Clinic. Also Richard Pietras MD, Ph.D. who is the chairman of the Stile Program in Integrative Oncology at UCLA spoke. And Ping Ho, MA,MPH who is the director of the UCLArts and Healing Center spoke.

We each spoke to the students about our work and showed slides of our offices and projects.

After our talks we then all sat on a panel and answered questions from the students about integrative medicine from our perspective.

I had a really good time and enjoyed meeting my colleagues to see what they are doing. I look forward to more teaching opportunities in the near future.

Here is a nice picture of the five of us!

UCLA talk on Integrative Medicine

From left to right : Dr Pietras, Dr Hui, Ping Ho, Dr Soram, Dr Spar


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