033-Whole Food and Unprocessed! – An Interview with Chef AJ Part 1


On this podcast I am delighted to interview my new friend and colleague, Chef AJ. Chef AJ is the author of the book “Unprocessed”.

She was the executive vegan pastry chef at Sante Restaurant and has been a chef and culinary instructor in Los Angeles for the past 12 years.

You can get her book at Amazon here

or the kindle version here

She is the creator and co-producer of the annual Healthy Taste of LA event held every year in Redondo Beach, California. This year it is being held on November 3.

I first met Chef AJ over a year ago at an event for Colin Campbell that was held at the USC school of medicine. She was the main chef there and the food was absolutely delicious. In fact many non-vegans said it was the best food they’ve ever had!

Then recently, AJ invited me to a vegan whole food plant based cooking class which she held at her house. I was totally inspired by this class and how easy it could be to cook in a whole food unprocessed plant based fashion that I went on to take some private training with her so I could make my own food! (My wife was delighted!) [Read more…]

The Vitamin D Revolution is Coming

I am very complimented that so many of my patients have asked what happened to my newsletter?  I have been very busy!

I'm happy to announce to all my patients and friends than on February 23, 2009 my first book, the vitamin D revolution will be released on my publisher Hay House's website, as well as on Amazon.com.  This book has been a labor of love for the last approximately eight months.  I am very happy and proud with how the book turned out, and hope that it will help many people.

In all my many years of practice of medicine, I've never seen one vitamin, even vitamin C, have such profound effects on human health.  As most of you who are my patients know I've been normalizing and optimizing my patient's vitamin D levels for the last approximate five years.  90% of the new patients that I see are significantly deficient in vitamin D even in Southern California!  This brought me to the moral and spiritual imperative to share this information with the entire world.  It is estimated that there are over one billion people deficient in vitamin D worldwide.

There are two additional aspects to my "vitamin D project". 


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