The Mindful Physician and Your Health Care

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction is a meditation technique that I recommend to my patients and colleagues. The Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction program, which is a 33-hour program of training,is “widely recognized as a healthy way to manage symptoms of stress.”

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In a set of two new studies which just came out a week ago, physicians who themselves,focus on mindfulness improved their own well-being and were viewed more favorably by their patients.

In the first study, they found that clinicians who had higher scores for mindfulness were more likely to be patient–centered in their communications, more positive in their emotional tone with patients, and more likely to be rated highly on communication and overall satisfaction by patients. This study was authored by Mary Catherine Beach, M.D. MPH.

In the second study, mindfulness-based tracks reduction training resulted in a reduction in position burnout which included emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. Also lead to reductions in depression anxiety and stress.

‘These studies of individual show the need to pay attention to whether the environment in which clinicians practice and patients receive care promotes mindful or mindlessness,” saidKurt Stange, M.D., PhDwho is the editor of the Journal entitled Annals of Family Medicine.

It was found that highly mindful clinicians spend more time building rapport and that patients engage in more communication with clinicians who were rated as highly mindful.

You may want to have a good discussion about this with your physician and you may want to take training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction yourself! You can find more information HERE

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UCLA has its own center for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction HERE.

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And Here is a DVD I recommend to all my patients

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