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AntibodiesThe cover story of time magazine this week is entitled Why Medical Bills are Killing Us by Steven Brill. I really encourage all of you to read this article because it shows what’s going on with our medical system.

The subtitle of the article is “One SN a minute then tablet cause 1.5 cents. Your hospital marks it up 10,000%.

For me this is just a further message that all of us need to be proactive about our health. It is not good enough to just sit around and wait for a disease to strike. Conscious living in the use of enlightened medicine can help us stay healthy.

And a video with the author is here

Before I start talking about my update for Integrative medicine, I want to share with all my listeners my wife and my  recent discovery of guaranteed lead and cadmium free dishware! I talk about this on the podcast. It is called “Fiesta Dishes” and here is the link.

Speaking of being sure to find dishes without lead I open this podcast within article that just appeared showing that decreasingly small amounts of lead can affect children’s IQ performance. This study was done in the Detroit Public Schools System. Levels as low as 2 mcg/dL in the blood affected children’s educational performance.


One of the biggest pieces of news this week is that the incidence of metastatic breast cancer is increased in women at the young age of 25 to 39. I’ve begun to see this in my own practice, and now this article from the JAMA confirms it.

and also the New York Times covered this with this article.

I’ve talked to my podcast before and all of you have heard of the increasing amount of phthalates that women are being exposed to and the increasing problem with vitamin D deficiency. Both of these predisposed to – note I’m not saying cause – breast cancer.

We then go on to talk about BPA exposure and childhood asthma. The study tested 568 children and their mothers in New York City. It is the first to link early childhood exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) where the asthma. However studies with lab mice have found a similar link.

One out of every 10 children in our country has been diagnosed with asthma. In my opinion between the study that shows BPA exposure in the known low levels of vitamin D in newborns, we are building a perfect storm towards the development of more asthma in our children.

In this article the author , Kathleen Donohue, is quoted as saying “We saw increase risk of asthma at fairly routine, low doses of BPA”.

Links for these two articles are here:



And here is one from Time Magazine

The New England Journal of Medicine had a lead article this week showing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in protecting against heart disease. Although this diet is significantly better than the traditional American diet, I still think studies will show that a Vegan diet is even better at protecting against heart disease.

The next article I discuss shows that C-section babies are five times more likely to develop allergies. This finding goes along with previous research that showed the babies born by C-section are more likely to have asthma then babies who were delivered naturally.

The most likely mechanism of this is that the baby is not being exposed to friendly bacteria in the birth canal and this is a major effect on the child’s immune system for the rest of their life.

In my own practice, as you know, I’m very preventive war early diagnostic oriented with my patients. In former heavy smokers I routinely order screening CT scans of the lungs. In the last years I found about six patients with early-stage lung cancer. Please note that a CT scan of the lung finds bone cancer about four years before chest x-ray will.

Now there is a study proving the importance of this technology. It is estimated that this type of screening could avert 12,000 lung cancer deaths annually.



Another study that I talk about has shown that the category of drugs called SNRIs only produces a small benefit for fibromyalgia pain. One of the authors Dr Wallit stress that fibromyalgia encompasses more than just pain. And he stated “And considering that these drugs don’t really do much for any other aspect of a patient’s life, the value of these medications seem small at best”.

I mentioned my new discovery of the medical journal Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. The article I mentioned in the podcast about personal care products and phthalates can be found here.

I mention the importance of climate change and specifically this link of an excellent video explaining it.

Dr. Gould is a psychiatrist with an excellent program to lose weight. I mention his new article entitled What the weight loss industry is really selling. He basically says they are selling HOPE. But he points out that the INTERNAL You has not changed (loneliness, boredom, trauma etc.) nor has it even been taken into consideration by the weight loss industry.

You can read it here and you can sign up for his very effective online program.

And finally I talk about the importance of Aerobic exercise in children. A new study has shown that aerobically fit children had 2.4 greater chance of passing math tests and 2.2 times greater chance of passing reading test compared with aerobically – unfit children.


My interview this week is a second interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan. This time our subject is Predictive Antibodies.
Dr Tom was quoted in the New York Times here about Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity. You can read it here.

His reply to the New York Times article was not printed in the newspaper but you can read on his website here.

I know you will learn a lot in this interview. We now have the technology using high-level laboratory tests to see early that a person may be getting a certain disease. Then using the techniques of integrative medicine we can intervene to reverse this tendency. Dr. O’Bryan and I have a lively conversation about this.

In the article we mention Cyrex labs which you can find here.

The article entitled New Predictors of Disease by Dr. Notkins can be found here for your download.

A scientific article for your doctor friends written by my colleague and friend Dr. Vojdani can be downloaded here.

Dr O’Bryan’s website is here

I look forward to your feedback about this interview. You can either put a comment down below or drop me an email at questions@askdrsoram.com

Today I answer questions for many of my readers and listeners:
1. I answer question about magnesium and vitamin D.
2. I answer another question about how to find a practitioner like myself and referred the listeners to my frequently asked questions page
3. I also answer questions about my brand of vitamin D and why they decided to put my name on a particular product.
4. I also answer a question from a grandmother about her grandson with eczema. This is a very thorough answer regarding allergies and asthma. If your questions are about this subject I encourage you to listen to this part of the podcast.
5. I answer question about an elevated SED rate in a patient with Crohn’s disease.

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    Hi Dr. Soram, my question for you is: can moderate kidney disease be reversed?
    I am on Byetta a diabetes medication for about 3 years now and my Doctor informed me that I have developed moderate kidney disease. When I asked him what I can do about that to reverse the situation, he said there is no way to reverse that. I don’t believe that. I really hope you have a better answer for me. Erika Zeigler