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Breast cancer
As many of you know, I work very often with women with breast cancer to keep them healthy, and I also now see women who are coming to protect against getting breast cancer. One of the main things we do is help them clean out their environmental toxins, as Integrative doctors know that this plays a big role in the epidemic of breast cancer.  I’ve spoken to most of you about the role of environment in our health and especially in regards to breast cancer. And many of you have listened to my podcast about the role of environment in our health.

Now at long last a governmental agency called the Interagency Breast Cancer & Environmental Research Coordinating Committee has issued a new report. The title of this report is Breast Cancer and the Environment – Prioritizing Prevention.

Finally, the National Institute of Health is acknowledging the most important role of environmental toxicity in the causation of breast cancer. In addition they state they are changing their focus from diagnosis and treatment to a focus of prevention. As many of you know I have been saying for many years that this focus needs to change.

In addition finally they are stating “Despite decades of productive breast cancer research, the number of women diagnosed with the disease continues to rise”. For years the cancer agencies have been saying that breast cancer is going down. That is NOT what my colleagues and I have seen. Now, finally they are admitting that the rate of breast cancer IS continuing to increase.

Here is the link to the site of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the announcement. Please download the PDF near the bottom of the page for more details.


Breast Cancer and Vitamin D-More information!

More and more studies are coming out about the benefits of vitamin D. The study I mentioned on my Dr Oz interview shows the relationship between vitamin D and breast cancer. A new study by my colleague Cedric Garland, Ph.D. is just out again showing the relationship between low vitamin D and increased incidence of breast cancer. This is why I am so careful about measuring all your vitamin D levels regularly throughout the year. And encourage you to get yours tested at least once or twice a year.
Read about it here. And get your friends on Vitamin D !

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