The Power of Genomic Medicine for Psychiatry and More

In keeping with my previous, article I want to share with my patients and readers that the genomic testing that we now have available gives us tremendous power to optimize our health.

The newest technology which I’m excited about is that I now have available to me, and for my readers your doctors will have available to them, new genomic testing that will enable physicians to minimize the side effects and optimize the right choice of drugs for people who are on psychotropics.

Psychotropics are the largest category of drug prescriptions from the pharmacies in America at this time. We all know many people are suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and required these types of medications.

We now have the technology and it is at a very affordable price, to test the patient before we start them on such pharmaceuticals to see which ones are likely to be most compatible with their unique genetic code.

The photo below shows an example test from a patient. For each psychotropic drug, it shows 4 columns, the preferred drugs in each category, and drugs in each category that can be used as directed with little problem for the patient. But it also shows drugs that can have significant limitations and another category of drugs that may cause serious adverse events.

This is exciting times! As you see, we can individualize the choice of psychotropics for each person!

We also have available similar tests for cardiac drugs and pain medications. Soon we will have these panels for all drugs! This will allow doctors to minimize, however not completely eliminate, many side effects from the drugs we prescribe.

These are very exciting times, that allow us to give individual personalized medical treatments to all our patients.

Welcome to Personalized Lifestyle Medicine, the medicine of the future!


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